January - December 1903


Johan Braakensiek, Jan.4th, 1903

Lamsdorf on behalf of the Czar.
Lamsdorf (to Ferdinand, Alexander and Draga):Now, please be quiet, dear children; don't wake this sick man.



Johan Braakensiek, Jan.11th, 1903

Kuyper at Brussels.
Leopold (to Kuyper): Oh, my image. Let's travel together...
Kuyper (to king Leopold) : Yes your Majesty, the same thing that you have said to your ministers at New Year, have my ministers said to me : I too deserve blind faith ...



Johan Braakensiek, Jan.18th, 1903

The scapegoat.
Chancellor Von Bülow : Take comfort in the thought, dear friend Von Holleben, that YOU get the blows, but HE deserves them!



Johan Braakensiek, Jan.25th, 1903

Germany and England as creditors of Venezuela.
Wilhelm (to John Bull) : We can't take anything of that seedy man; shouldn't we rather take hold of that parvenu overthere (Uncle Sam)?
John Bull: Yes, but do we dare !



Johan Braakensiek, Febr.1th, 1903

The German Kaiser and the crown prince in battle with the opposition.
The crown prince: I will help you father!
Wilhelm : Be quiet boy, each word we say makes the monster more furious . .



Johan Braakensiek Febr.8th,1903

The gouvernment and the strike
De Marez Oyens (to Kuyper) : What shall I do? Which line is a safe one?
Kuyper : When you doubt do nothing . . . so you won't become the cause of a disaster yourself. . .



 Johan Braakensiek, Febr.15th, 1903

The thread of strikes by the municipal workers of Amsterdam



Johan Braakensiek, Febr.22nd, 1903

The Dutch people and the strike fever.
Dr. Kuyper: Dear Colleague's, I thank you for your good intentions . . . but first of all the patient needs rest . . . a lot of rest!



Johan Braakensiek, March.1st, 1903

Nationalization of Dutch railroads.
The Dutch Maiden: It's me that belongs here, and not you gentlemen.



Johan Braakensiek, March.8th, 1903

The recovery of the Minister of Justice.
Minister Kuyper (to Minister Loeff): Welcome dear colleague ... but don't go outside too soon. You don't need to hurry. We can take care of business.



Johan Braakensiek, March.15th, 1903

Tension in the government caused by the proposal of new Penal Code

Minister Kuyper asks advice of the ghost of Thorbecke (famous Dutch statesman)



   Nolens,         Mees,          Lohman,           Kuyper            Borgesius,       Drucker,        Troelstra

Johan Braakensiek, March.22nd, 1903

Discussion of the proposals of the new Penal Code.

Dr. Kuyper : Don't let them cool down.


               Loef             Loman             Kuyper

Johan Braakensiek, March.29th, 1903

A difficult paragraph in the Penal Code.
(After a painting by Meijer de Haan : "A difficult paragraph in the Talmud".)



Johan Braakensiek April 5th.,1903

The changes in the proposals of the new Penal Code
The Dutch Maiden: Do you see now that you've asked too much ... and now we have to see if your fish is still fresh enough . . .
Fishmonger: Well little lady, just taste it. . .



Johan Braakensiek April 11th.,1903

The general strike
The Dutch Maiden (to Domela Nieuwenhuis): Disappear and this time for ever! ...
Justice and Freedom I love; Anarchy I hate.



Johan Braakensiek, April 19th, 1903

A one day revolution.
Queen Draga of Serbia: Please Alexander, make short work of them! The enemies of our dynasty are also the enemies of our country!



Johan Braakensiek, April 26th, 1903

The resignation of the railway workers
Humanity : Sirs, the best victory is the one with the least casualties . .



 Johan Braakensiek, Mai 3th, 1903

King Edward VII in France.
Loubet : Fortunately it isn't his crown.
The Czar (to Wilhelm) : I never had expected this form uncle.
Wilhelm : Toujours Parisien !


Johan Braakensiek, Mai 10th, 1903

Russia and Austria worrying about the country of the Sultan.
Franz-Joseph (to Nicolas) : Just let everything burn but take care that he remains in one piece.


Johan Braakensiek, Mai 17th, 1903

The Lawa Railroad and the parliament
Governor Lely : Madam, don't let economy prevail over wisdom ; there are rivals in the field.


Jan Pietersz. Koen   Gijsbrecht van Amstel   Hugo de Groot    Queen Wilhelmina

Johan Braakensiek, Mai 24th, 1903

The opening of the new Amsterdam stock-exchange.



 Johan Braakensiek, Mai 31th, 1903

Great tension in Austria-Hungary.
Kaiser Franz Joseph (at his noisy offspring) : Couldn't you be quiet once? Don't you see, my best friends are turning their back at me!



Johan Braakensiek June 7th.,1903

The financial succes of the new Amsterdam Exchange
The Amsterdam Maiden : I do not mind wether they like this new building or not, it brings us a lot of money



Johan Braakensiek June 14th.,1903

The contingent sale of the islands of the West Indies.
Minister Idenburg (reading the conditions of sale) : Nr. 4 Curacao has been withdrawn . . . furthermore no bid is accepted unless the potential bidder commits himself to be a good and friendly neighbour



Johan Braakensiek, June 21th, 1903

No increase of the tax on Gin and no decrease of the tax on Sugar



Johan Braakensiek, June 28th, 1903

Elections in Germany.
Imperial riders : Impertinent chaps! They don't even stop for US!



Johan Braakensiek July 5th.,1903

The American fleet at Kiel.
Kaiser Wilhelm : This way we express like kings are used to, our warm feelings towards each other.
Uncle Sam : But only for a short while. This thing on my head is quite heavy.



Johan Braakensiek, July 12th, 1903

The Powers and Mantchuria.
John Bull (to the Japanese) : Little fellow, please pull the chestnuts out of the fire for us, otherwise that Cossack will eat them all.



Johan Braakensiek July 19th.,1903

The "Miracle of Delft" and the lustrum festivities.
Hugo de Groot : My native town, my Delft!
This is your brightest light.



Johan Braakensiek, July 26th, 1903

Non-Roman Catholics at the death of Pope Leo XIII.
He was a man . . . worthy of our esteem.



Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 2nd, 1903

President Loubert at King Edward
Marianne (to Krüger) : That's the way you should have done it, old man
Krüger : No, I couldn't . . .
Marianne : What a pity! . . .If only you were French!



Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 9th, 1903

The new carpet for the Chamber of Commerce gives some trouble.



Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 16th, 1903

The Sultan and his enimies on the Balkan peninsula.
The rebels : 'Father, I stand on your castle!'
The Sultan : 'If only I wasn't clogged, than I would show you . . .'



Johan Braakensiek Aug. 23rd.,1903

Minister Kuyper in Ischl (Tirol)..
Kaiser Franz Joseph : You won't believe it, but you became more a real Tiroler than I succeeded in becoming a good Hongarian in all these years.
Minister Kuyper : Yes, your Highness, and yet I only see it as a joke.



Johan Braakensiek,  Aug.30th, 1903

England's offer to the Jews for a territory in South-East Africa.
John Bull : A free country, an independent State, but under my suzerainty.
The Zionist : But what if we find diamonds?
John Bull : Then I 'll come myself.



Johan Braakensiek, Sept.6th, 1903

The war in Macedonia.
Kaiser Frans Joseph (to the Czar : How fortunate, Head of the Greek Church, that being a christian doesn't give us the obligation to end this massacre. . .
The Czar (to Frans Joseph) : Certainly, my Christian Majesty! . . .


Johan Braakensiek Sept. 13th.,1903

King Leopold in Paris to defend himself for being the King of Congo
King Leopold (to Loubert) : How about that!
John Bull claims that I tortured, robbed and murdered rmore than he did. . .
Loubert : No, your Majesty, that's impossible . .


Johan Braakensiek, Sept.20th, 1903

The Royal Speech.
The Dutch Maid (to prime minister Kuyper) : You don't think you've bitten off more than you can chew? Minister Kuyper (pointing at the filing cabinet with promised and unfinished bills) : Don't fear, last year it wasn't less, and l still kept my good health.


Johan Braakensiek Sept. 27th.,1903

Protectionism in England and here.
Chamberlain (to his fellow Ministers) : Goodbye men! I like the view down there better .
Kuyper (to Harte, looking at Chamberlain jumping from the tower like Jan van Schaffelaar) : I don't know whether I should admire what's he doing . . . but perhaps you can learn something from this.



Johan Braakensiek Oct. 4th.,1903

Prison and household.
A history at Middelburg



Johan Braakensiek, Oct.11th, 1903

The Emperor-King of Austria- Hungary.
The Czar : Thank you Majesty for the kind reception and the stimulating hunting.
Minister Von Korber (obliging) : Your Hungarian royal robe, Sire
Frans Joseph : Now I am the hunted one!



Johan Braakensiek, Oct.18th, 1903

The Russian 'wintering' in Manchuria.
The Japanese (to the Russian) : You were supposed to leave on October 8th. (To the Chinese) : Crock, you keep out of this.
The Russian : Friend, don't be so rude. Don't you see that I just made things comfortable for the winter?



Johan Braakensiek, Oct.25th, 1903

Marianne, the beloved.
Marianne (to president Loubet) : A gallery of historic moments, all those sovereign kisses!
You see, mon ami, that I didn't loose my attractive power since I wear this 'Phrygic' hat



Johan Braakensiek, Nov.1th, 1903

General Van Heutsz in the free port of Sabang-bay.
General Van Heutsz (putting the hands of Mars and Mercury together) : My friend Mars, with brave courage and wise conduct you have break a way for Mercury. Now it is up to him to make the rich resources of Atjeh subservient to the prosperity of land and colony!



Johan Braakensiek Nov. 8th.,1903

Unwelcome professor appointments.
Minister Kuyper (to Dr. Mende-Ernst) : Have courage, my friend, I give the orders here, like I showed you in Utrecht.
(to the protesting professors) : In name of the Homoeopathy, open this gate!



Johan Braakensiek Nov. 15th.,1903

United States and Panama.
Uncle Sam (to Columbia) : If you want another blow, you just say so, but don't come near this nice little fellow . .
John Bull : What a guy this Uncle Sam, I can learn a great deal from him!
Marianne : At least this way I get my money.



Johan Braakensiek, Nov.22nd, 1903

The financial situation of the Netherlands and of Amsterdam.
Mr Heemskerk : I say Waiter, will this take any longer, we are very hungry ...?
Waiter Kuyper : Patience Sir, they are preparing your dish.



Johan Braakensiek, Nov.29th, 1903

The Dutch Indies in peril.
A voice from above : While the parliament is just deliberating, the Indies are lost.



Johan Braakensiek, Dec.6th, 1903

St. Nicholas and the Politics.
St.Nicholas (to Kuyper) : Look here, little fellow, all these gingerbread men (and I have more) are for you .. , you can feast upon them for ever.


                                     Kuyper      Talma     de Visser     v.d. Vlugt     Nolens     Aalberse

Johan Braakensiek, Dec.13th, 1903

After the theology debates at the Parliament.


Pastoors   Heemskerk   De Ridder   Troelstra   Loeff      v.Nispen   v.Raalte   Idsinga   Drucker

Johan Braakensiek, Dec.20th, 1903

Minister Loeff at the debat about the budget for the Justice Department.



Johan Braakensiek, Dec.27th, 1903

The American Surplus of $ 54.000.000.
Uncle Sam :Watch this, dear collegue's! - all those gold and paper dollars I easily fetch them from my hat . . . can you do that too?