January - December 1902

Groene Amsterdammer Lithograph 31x44 cm.

Johan Braakensiek, Jan. 5th, 1902
John Bull's Chrismas tree.
Where is De Wet? There he is!

Groene Amsterdammer Lithograph 31x44 cm.

Johan Braakensiek, Jan. 12th, 1902
Kuwait and England.
Have a good trip home John! You have lowered your flag which truly pleased  me and my friends there!

Groene Amsterdammer Lithograph 31x44 cm.

Johan Braakensiek, Jan. 19th, 1902
The speeches of Chamberlain and Von Bülow.

The spectators: What a tomfoolery!



 Groene Amsterdammer Lithograph 31x44 cm.

Johan Braakensiek,  Jan.26th 1902
King Edward's royal speech in which he tells how civilized and noble the English soldiers behaved themselves in the (Boer) war.



 Johan Braakensiek, Feb. 2nd, 1902

Prime minister Kuyper and the Upper House
Kuyper to mrs. Upper House: I like it here, I think I'll stay a little bit longer.
Let's drink tea and don't quarrel!



Johan Braakensiek, Feb. 9th, 1902

Message from the Dutch government.The shadow of Gladstone: Majesty, you are asked an act of humanity and justice; make a decision,
King Edward: If only I could . . my counselors have to decide.


Johan Braakensiek, 16 feb. 1902 Lithograph 30.5x44 cm.
The costs of war in England.
One boer to the other: John Bull is looking rather pale. I wonder how long he will survive.

You will also find this print in our Boer War -exhibition



Johan Braakensiek, Feb. 23th, 1902

The English- Japanese Pact.
John Bull to the Mikado:
You hold him, while I hold the ladder.


Johan Braakensiek, March 2nd, 1902

Between the "Blokhuizen".

The new cavalry of De Wet.

Johan Braakensiek, March 9th, 1902

De Wet and his loot.

Johan Braakensiek, March 16th, 1902

The defeat of Lord Methuen.
De la Rey to Lord Methuen: Go and represent us at the crowning of your king.



 Johan Braakensiek, March 23rd, 1902

Celebrations at the anniversary of the birthday of the Dutch poet
Mr. Jacob van Lennep
1802 - March 24th - 1902.



Johan Braakensiek, March 30th, 1902

England and the war.

King Edward VII (to the angel of peace): Pleace, will you polish my crown?
Angel to king : First you have to wipe off all that blood . . . 


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 on page 3 of our Boer War -exposition 



Johan Braakensiek, april 6th, 1902
Waldeck Rousseau and the French parliament.
Waldeck Rousseau: They go and I'm still here!
Marianne: Well done, you dit better than your predecessors.



Johan Braakensiek, april 13th, 1902

 The Minister of Foreign affairs at work.
Kuyper (to the reporters): 
Don't stop me. I can't wait any minute. If I don't fetch this train, I'll be too late. And do you see those poor people? November 1891 I prayed allready: My Lord, they need help, they can't wait nor day nor night!  


Johan Braakensiek, april 20th, 1902

Elections in Belgian.
Power versus justice.



Johan Braakensiek, april 27th, 1902

King Leopold and the Belgian elections.
Madam, I don't think it will be necessary, but just let me try your freedom cap.
Marianne (pointing at the crown): Okay but I want it back - I'll never exchange it for your crown. 


 Johan Braakensiek, May 4th, 1902

The intended visit of president Loubet to the Czar.
President Loubet: What are the costs to insure me against accidents? 
Insurance agent: If you are going to Petersburg - we can't insure you!


Johan Braakensiek, May 11th, 1902
Military criminal law.
Mr.Loeff: It would surprise me if we couldn't succeed to transfer this woman in a decent Justitia.


Johan Braakensiek, May 18th, 1902

Englands hope for peace.
John Bull : Wether she likes it or not, I will catch her.

Johan Braakensiek, May 25th, 1902

Peace prospects.
John Bull: Ungrateful scoundrel, I've really beaten him and still he won't sit on my lab.
De Beaufort (to the Czar): Now you see, John Bull is as peace minded as we are.


Johan Braakensiek, June 1st, 1902

De moderne Gulliver van den Oceaan-Trust.
Mr.Pierpont Morgan: "Met mijn goudmagneet haal ik alles over."

Johan Braakensiek, June 15th, 1902
Peace in South Africa.
John Bull: "You 're men after my own heart."
Boer: "Your heart? I didn't know you had one!"

Allso in the Boer War Exhibition

Johan Braakensiek, June 15th, 1902

In the political nursery of Germany.
Father Wilhelm (to Alsace and Lorraine): Do you like this pudding? Your naughty Polish sister sticked her tongue out at it and so I have put her in the corner."

Johan Braakensiek, June 22th, 1902

End of the parliamentary year.
Lady Holland (to servent-girl Kuyper): 
You promised you would serve me well! You,with your smooth talk! And what did I get? Left-overs. You didn't care about the kitchen, you only cared about your days off.

Johan Braakensiek, June 29th, 1902

Ready for the coronation.

Johan Braakensiek July 6th, 1902

Peace in Europe.
The Peace: I never felt so comfortable like now, being carried by the two-alliance and three-alliance in perfect harmony.

Johan Braakensiek, July 13th, 1902

The celebration of the Belgian independance.
The Dutch virgin (to Kuyper and Kruijs): Don't celebrate too long - be on board in time!

Johan Braakensiek, July 20th, 1902

Dinner at Princenhove.
Mister Gerritsen: No thanks - I've had enough of this heavy food.

Johan Braakensiek July 27th, 1902

"High" politics.
Wilhelm II and Franz Joseph: "Don't worry we won't let you go!"
Czar Nicolas and president Loubert: "Join us, here is a nice place!"
John Bull: "Why not land safely in my arms?"
Vittorio Emanuele II: "How they love me all!"

Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 3rd, 1902

England, Japan and Korea.
England and Japan: Now we dress you (Korea) neatly with a riffle and a sword, but don't use them until we say so . .
The Russian bear (behind the gate): Hm! maybe I've eaten him before that time!

Johan Braakensiek Aug. 10th, 1902

President Steijn in Holland.
Will he see the sun of freedom at home in South Africa coming UP again?

Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 17th, 1902

The international press about Dutch alliancies.
The Press (to Dr.Kuyper): Wether you like it or not, you have to join the European concert . .

Johan Braakensiek Aug. 24th, 1902

Three Boer Generals in Holland.
Gijsbregt Karel van Hogendorp: "Men, what ever happened, keep faithful to this flag. Once our Dutch flag was also trample upon, teared to pieces, vanished ... and yet!"

Johan Braakensiek, Aug. 31th, 1902

Solemn reception of Minister Kuyper at his return from abroad , by his obedient colleagues.


 Johan Braakensiek, Sept.7th, 1902

 Minister Kuyper and "Figaro".
Figaro (to the Dutch reporters): You are too late, I allready scraped his tongue.

Johan Braakensiek, Sept.14th, 1902

Minister Kuyper and the royal speech.
Servant: the ministers are waiting for you to construct the royal speech.
Kuyper: Just a moment! I haven't decided yet which suit I will wear this time.

Johan Braakensiek Sept.21th, 1902

The royal speech.
Lady (in front): Oh mighty,what a burden, I hope they won't injure themselves
Man (in front): Don't worry, there is allways quite a lot of air in there.

Johan Braakensiek Sept.28th, 1902

Elections in Amsterdam.

Johan Braakensiek, Oct.5th, 1902

Famous dead people.
Life (to Death): Blow as hard as you like, the flame of genius will never die.

Johan Braakensiek, Oct.12th, 1902

America's remarks to the members of the Treaty of Berlin..
Uncle Sam (to the Czar): Could you and your friends here arrange that king Charles treat the Roumanian Jews a bit better? We won't speak about the Russian Jews . 

Johan Braakensiek Oct 19th, 1902

Boer generals in Berlin.
The ghost of Bismarck (to Kaiser Wilhelm): 
Mighty emperor . . afraid of three Boers!

Johan Braakensiek, Oct.26th, 1902

The German people and Kaiser Wilhelm.
Wilhelm (to Germania) : Stay here, I tell you . . .
Germania : My heart tells me to join them. Nobody can stop me . . . not even you!

Johan Braakensiek, Nov.2nd, 1902

Camberlain's visit to South Africa.
Humanity: No, don't go; you rather give back what you have robbed them of ...
Chamberlain: I have to go to that place . . there is something there that is irresistible . .
Humanity:Shame on you! A killer's instinct?!

Johan Braakensiek Nov 9th, 1902

After the budget debate in the Amsterdam Council.
Mr. Heemskerk talking to his cat :I didn't expect it, but we are allowed to stay.

Johan Braakensiek Nov 16th, 1902

Kaiser Wilhelm meets king Edward.
On and behind the stage.

Johan Braakensiek, Nov.23rd, 1902

The order of Coolies.
(Referring to an add in the paper in which natives were offered for contract labour.)
"We better be silent about it."

Johan Braakensiek Nov 30th, 1902

The great powers and Marocco.
Who will catch him first?

Johan Braakensiek Dec 7th, 1902

Justice in Germany.
Kaiser Wilhelm (to Justitia):
Go away, you are not needed here,I am the Law.

Johan Braakensiek, Dec.14th, 1902

In the Parliament.
Jhr. de Savornin Lohman (to Staalman): Don't tease your mother! Behave yourself we have guests!"
Mother Kuyper : "Let it go, we best pretend we don't hear it.
Talma: "You see uncle, I'm the nicer guy .."

Johan Braakensiek, Dec.21th, 1902

The friendly blockade in Venuzuelan waters.
German sailor (to Castro) : Watch it little fellow, I have an iron fist.
English sailor (to the German sailor):Be careful Wilhelm, be nice, watch me.
Castro: Hey, that isn't fair, such big guys. They won't leave me in peace here anyway.

Johan Braakensiek Dec 28th, 1902

The Humbert case .
Themis (to Marianne) : Here, my New Year's bouquet for you.
Marianne : Oh!