• Joost Swarte collection

    Joost Swarte collection

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    We are specialized in the work of Joost Swarte and we can offer a wide assortment of his work, both old and new.

  • Publisher of prints by comic artists

    Publisher of prints by comic artists

  • Art movement The Style

    Art movement The Style

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  • Griffioen Grafiek composes exhibitions

    Griffioen Grafiek composes exhibitions


    We have thousands of old prints from the period 1860 - 1960.
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Griffioen Grafiek

Griffioen Grafiek is a Dutch firm specialized in publishing, selling and renting out for exhibition purposes of story related graphical art (=grafiek in Dutch).

We have prints by comic artists, political prints, film posters, covers of sheet music and special vintage magazines. 


We are a publishing house of new graphical art of leading (Dutch) comic artists like Joost Swarte, Ever Meulen, Charles Burns, Robert Crumb, Chris Ware, Peter Pontiac, Lian Ong, Hanco Kolk, Judith Vanistendael, Theo van den Boogaard, Peter van Dongen, Erik Kriek en Joost Veerkamp.


Griffioen Grafiek is specialised in the art of Joost Swarte. Besides that we have a good choice of prints, books and collectables of other related artists like Ever Meulen, Charles Burns, Peter van Dongen, Joost Veerkamp, Peter Pontiac, Robert Crumb en Chris Ware.

GALLERY Originals

We have a good choice of original drawings in the political field as well as in the comic field. Available are drawings of artists like Louis Raemaekers, Piet van der Hem, Alfred Mazure, Eppo Doeve, Willy Sluiter, and comic artists as Joost Swarte, Peter Pontiac and Lian Ong.



We have a good choice in sheet music selected for their nice covers. Most of them lithographs.


We also have a good choice of Polish and many other vintage film posters from the fifties and sixties.


We deal in political prints and drawings from the period 1890 - 1960/70, as published by and in  periodicals as L'Assiette au Beurre, Simplicissimus, Puck, Punch, De Nieuwe Amsterdammer etc. All together our collection consists of several of thousand political prints (mostly lithographs) by i.a. Steinlen, Van Dongen, Jan Sluijters, Vallotton, Joseph Keppler and many others.



Besides political prints we have acquired a considerable lot of posters and other collectable graphical items like vintage covers from periodicals as Jugend, The New Yorker, La Vie Parisienne, a.o.from the period 1890 - 1970.


We have exhibitions for rent. For our Dutch customers we compose exhibitions on request, out of our own collection. It won't be possible to rent them out abroad, but you can visit them virtually.