Les Maîtres

Les Maîtres de l'affiche

Around 1800 big colourful posters of well known artists are pasted in the streets of Paris. The lithographed advertising posters make quite an impression on the miljons of visitors of the City of Light. The posters with mostly lovely ladies are rapidly known as art and collected. Printer Chaix goes along with this worldwide interest and produce between 1895 and 1900 smaller chromolithographic reproductions in the authentic colours under the name of Les Maîtres de l'affiche (Masters of the poster)
In this series there are lithographs by Jules Chéret, the father of the poster, Alphonse Mucha, Th. Steinlen, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Eugène Grasset and many others. There were 240 different posters in this size in total.
Here a few examples:

Number 122. Toulouse-Lautrec. 1898

Original size 170 x 120 cm. 

Number 157. Jules Chéret. 1892.

Original size 121 x 82 cm.

Number 176. Vaclav Oliva. 1898.

Original size 100 x 35 cm.

Number 182. Alphonse Mucha. 1898.

Original size 139 x 88 cm.

 Number 158. Eugène Grasset 1899.

Original size 117 x 76 cm.

Number 187. Lorant-Heilbronn & V. Guillet. 1899.

Original size 200 x 73 cm.

 Number 192. G. Boano. 1899.

Original size 121 x 84 cm.

Number 234. Charles Lucas. 1900.

Original size 126 x 90 cm.

 Number 191. René Péan. 1899.

Original size 124 x 88 cm.

Number 190. T.A. Steinlen. 1899.

Original size 133 x 92 cm.