Comic Art Award

The new generation

Pleasant characteristics of the new Dutch comic generation are:

1. a lot of female designers emerge

2. more attention is paid to comic design as an art form.

Also more and more comic artists publish graphical art in small numbers themselves and for very reasonable prices.

To activate this trend Griffioen Grafiek in co-operation with Bernard Ruijgrok Piëzogriafie called into existence an annual Comic Art Award for differentiated graphical art.


StripGrafiekPrijs / Comic Art Award

Since the Comic Art Fair 2010 Griffioen Grafiek and master-printer Bernard Ruijgrok Piëzografie, grant every year three prizes (giclée print budgets) for producing new comic graphical art : graphical art made by storytelling artists like comic artists, animators and illustrators.

Winnaars 2017:

1e prijs: Jan Hamstra

2e prijs: Sabrina Kooijmans

3e prijs: Joris Diks


Winners 2016:

1. Anne Stalinski

2. Joris Diks

3. Wobby (collective)


Winners 2015:

1. Jesse Strikwerda

2. Jeroen Funke

2. Argibald

3. Gijs Henselmans

Winners and jury of the Comic Art Award 2015


The international jury consists of Gwénola Carrère, Chen Xi and Joost Swarte

1st prize : Jesse Strikwerda


2nd prize : Jeroen Funke


also 2nd prize : Argibald


3rd prize : Gijs Henselmans


 Winners 2014:

1. Eva Stalinski

2. Philip Lindeman

3. Charles Nogier

 Charles Nogier, Eva Stalinski, Philip Lindeman


The international jury of 2014 
Henning Wagenbreth, Sophia Martineck, Johanna Schipper and Joost Swarte.


Winners 2013:

1. Siard Bijkersma

2. Bo-Danique Blom & Carolien Westermann

3. Djip Minderman

Joost Swarte judges the designs together with Gabriella Giandelli 
Gabriella Giandelli designed the Holland Animation Film Festival 2013 poster. Her book “Interiorae” published by Coconimo Press has translations in English and French. As illustrator she works for a.o. The New York Times and La Repubblica.


1st prize : Siard Bijkersma


2nd prize : Bo-Danique Blom & Carolien Westermann


3rd prize: Djip Minderman


 Winners 2012:

1. Dace Sietina

2. Rick Berkelmans

3. Doeke van Nuil


Jury members 2012 : Haiyang Wang, filmanimator (China) and Joost Swarte


1st prize : Dace Sietina


2nd prize : Rick Berkelmans


3rd prize : Doeke van Nuil


Winners StripGrafiekPrijs 2010

1. Jasper Rietman

2. Jeroen Funke

3. Tim Enthoven

Honourable mentions for Dace Sietina and Maria van Driel.

From left to right: Hanco Kolk receives the first prize on behalf of Jasper Rietman,
Jury members Mariscal and Joost Swarte, Tim Enthoven (3rd prize), Jeroen Funke (2nd prize) and comic art promotor Gert Jan Pos.
Photo: Marco Bakker (


Javier Mariscal, Joost Swarte, Marjan Griffioen
Photo: Marco Bakker (