About Griffioen Grafiek

Griffioen Grafiek is specialized, as a publisher and dealer, in "Storytelling graphical art" like prints by comic artists, political prints, film posters, covers of sheet music and special vintage magazines.


As a publisher Griffioen Grafiek is specialized in the art of Joost Swarte.

We are offering a as complete as possible product range of Joost Swarte's work, like silkscreens, posters, portfolio's and original drawings. And also books, post cards and collectables.
Besides the work of Joost Swarte we also publish work of related artists like Ever Meulen, Charles Burns, Joost Veerkamp, Peter Pontiac, Robert Crumb, Chris Ware and Adrian Tomine.
For our own publications we try to work with standard (European) frame sizes as often as possible. So buying a frame for your new print doesn't have to be too expensive and there will be no need to mount the print.
We ship our graphical art and originals well packed over the whole world, but you are also welcome to visit our showroom in Hilversum. Opening hours Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 18.00, preferably by appointment.

Comic fairs

You can also find us on the following comic fairs:

- the Haarlemse Stripdagen (every two year at the beginning of June in Haarlem)

- the Stripgidsdagen of Belgium (every two years in Turnhout)

- the KunstStripBeurs (Comic Art Fair, every year in March as part of the Holland Animation Film Festival). On this fair comic and animation film artists present and sell their own products like books, original art, posters, t-shirts and other related items.. And there our Comic Art Award is presented (see here below).

- Angoulême

During 6 years we were represented at a stand in Angoulême at the Festival de la BD, the biggest international comic fair which is held every year in January. The last few years we don't have a stand anymore but we still visit the Angoulême festival to maintain our international contacts.

Our stand in Angoulême 2014


Comic Art Award (StripGrafiekPrijs)

“Comic art at the wall instead of in the book-case”.

Since the Comic Art Fair 2010 Griffioen Grafiek and master-printer Bernard Ruijgrok Piëzografie, grant every year three prizes (giclée print budgets) for producing new comic graphical art : graphical art made by storytelling artists like comic artists, animators and illustrators.
1st prize: budget of € 300
2nd prize: budget of € 200
3rd prize : budget of € 100
Every year Joost Swarte, together with another (animation) artist invited by the Holland Animation Film Festival, will be on the jury.
They judge the designs and during the Comic Art Fair present the prizes.


Jeroen Funke received this certificate for his second prize in 2010. The design is by Joost Swarte and fellow-judge Mariscal made an impression of the award winning design on the certificate.


Inktspotprijs (Award for best Political Cartoon)

Since 2017 Griffioen Grafiek ia a sponsor for the Inktspotprijs. This Dutch award for best political cartoon of the year is organized by Pers & Prent. As we are very interested in political prints we like to contribute to the continued existence of this award.