Dutch cartoons

Rusticus (=Marius Bauer) 11 jan. 1896 Lithograph
Uncle Paul and the turtle.
To kill a turtle you have to wait untill he shows his head.

Willem van Konijnenburg - De Kroniek 18 april 1897
Uncle Paul the snake-charmer.
Lithograph 40.5x30.5 cm.

Van Geldorp 6 jan.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
English victories.
From English telegrams: "Retreat went well". "Our retreat was masterly guided"


Van Geldorp 12 jan.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
Joubert to Schalk-Burger and Botha: One more pull and she will fall into our arms.

Van Geldorp 19 jan.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
On slippery ice.
Kruger to Steijn: What are they doning on that ice?
Steijn to Kruger: When they don't go aside, they have to fall!

Van Geldorp 19 oct.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
The Boers and elections.
John Bull: It's going well. Bobs has won for Chamberlain.
Uncle Sam: What he has won for you, he easily could loose with us.

Van Geldorp 9 nov.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
Lord Roberts' departure.
Lord Roberts trying to return to England.

Johan Braakensiek, nov. 11th, 1900 Lithograph 30.5x44 cm.
Pres. Krüger's arrival in Europe.
John Bull : "Head to the right".

Van Geldorp 14 dec.1900 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
Small but brave.
Boy (Switzerland) asking: "Won't any of you big ones help him!"

Johan Braakensiek, 9 june 1901 Lithograph 44x30.5 cm.
New allies in South Africa. Missionary:
"Go and fight my friends in the name of humanity and civilization !"

Van Geldorp 16 aug.1901 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
Teacher John Bull to the pupils:
Look here, the 'Law of nations' is quite out of date, 'arbitrariness' is the modern way.

Johan Braakensiek, 1 sept. 1901 Lithograph 30.5x44 cm.
England and the visit of the Czar to France. John Bull:
Go away, you rascels (Transvaal and Oranje Vrijstaat) what should those people think of me!

Van Geldorp 3 jan.1902 Lithograph 31 x 40,5 cm.
Kitchener's christmas gift.
De Wet: Now you see me, now you don't.

Johan Braakensiek Feb. 16th, 1902 Lithograph 30.5x44 cm.
The costs of war in England.
One boer to the other: John Bull is looking rather pale. I wonder how long he will survive.

Johan Braakensiek, March 2nd, 1902
Between the "Blokhuizen".
The new cavalry of De Wet.

Johan Braakensiek, March 9th, 1902
De Wet and his loot.

Johan Braakensiek, March 16th, 1902
The defeat of Lord Methuen.
De la Rey to Lord Methuen: Go and represent us at the crowning of your king.

Johan Braakensiek, May 18th, 1902
Englands hope for peace.
John Bull : Wether she likes it or not, I will catch her.

Johan Braakensiek, May 25th, 1902
Peace prospects.
John Bull: Ungrateful scoundrel, I've really beaten him and still he won't sit on my lab.
De Beaufort (to the Czar): Now you see, John Bull is as peace minded as we are.

Johan Braakensiek, June 8th, 1902
Peace in South Africa.
John Bull: "You 're men after my own heart."
Boer: "Your heart? I didn't know you had one!"