Do You Like That Mask You Are?

Verhalen van dansers

year: 2018
- signed
- numbered
printing technique: giclee
size ( h x w): 50 x 40 cm
edition: 75 pcs.
condition: mint

product out of stock

size ( h x w): 50 x 40 cm

Based on a meeting with Marina Mascarell


"It is probably no mere historical accident that the word person, in its first meaning, is a mask. It is rather a recognition of the fact that everyone is always and everywhere, more or less consciously, playing a role... It is in these roles that we know each other; it is in these roles that we know ourselves.

In a sense, and in so far as this mask represents the conception we have formed of ourselves —the role we are striving to live up to —this mask is our truer self, the self we would like to be. In the end, our conception of our role becomes second nature and an integral part of our personality. We come into the world as individuals, achieve character, and become persons.

The more you resemble what you've always dreamed of, the more authentic you are."

Still available by the artist.


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