Beauty and strength in diversity

Verhalen van dansers

year: 2018
- signed
- numbered
printing technique: giclee
size ( h x w): 50 x 40 cm
edition: 75 pcs.
condition: mint

product out of stock

size ( h x w): 50 x 40 cm

Based on a meeting with Meng-Ke Wu


Meng-Ke traveled all the way from Taiwan to the Netherlands. Against the fully approval from her father she was still determined to chase her dream of becoming a dancer. Through her journey she learned that not just her love for dancing but the diversity of people she met made her the strong, confident and successful woman she is today.

The love for dance is universal but the art diverse. Because everyone is unique in their own way we can learn, help and grow from each other to become the best versions of ourselves.

Still available by the artist.


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