Publisher's catalogue

2019 - 2022

Besides publishing we also deal in old graphical art and new graphical art of other publishers.

 You will find those in the webshop.

 2022 Mai

All Instruments Welcome

From the album Jopo in Mono XL by Fay Lovsky and Joost Swarte
Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 60 cm.

Edition of 124 copies. Price € 175


 2022 March

Rise of the Robots

Signed print in offset, size 18 x 48 cm.

Joost Swarte made illustrations for an article by David Rotman which was published in the MIT Technology Review on June 17, 2015. The article is about the increasing robotization of the economy and its impact on work.
And 5 additional cards of 17 x 17 cm. Total price for print and cards € 35.






Four Dances


Four dance prints originally made for an art project for children by MUKA Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand in 2011.
Size: 18 x 35 cm. One of the four prints is signed. € 39




WWWW, een montage 

As part of the exhibition ‘Joost Swarte Overal’, in the museum Kunsthal (Rotterdam 2019), a montage of 184 works was made to illustrate the great diversity in Joost Swarte's oeuvre. A compact edition of this impressive overview, (which covered an entire wall during the exhibition) is shaped as as a four-part leporello in a limited edition of 300 copies, all numbered and signed.
Size: 4 pages of 25.5 x 68 cm. € 35 





 2021 December


Design by Joost Swarte for a stained glass window of cultural centre Oosterkerk in Hoorn (built as a church in the 16th century).
It tells the story of the Dutch harbour city Hoorn in relation to the water through the ages.

Giclee, size 100 x 42 cm.
Numbered and signed, Edition of 74 copies. Price: € 200.



2021 October


Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 40 cm.
Edition of 124 copies. Price € 200

"For the avant garde artists known as STUDIO DRIFT exhibiting in The Shed (the experimental art space in New York City), Dutch designer and cartoonist Joost Swarte conceived as a giclée print a personal interpretation of their work—what he refers to as “a gravity-neglecting concrete block.” Swarte merges the real and surreal city in a delightful fantasy.
The block is just one part of Fragile Future (on view Sept. 29–Dec. 19), in which multidisciplinary artists transform The Shed with sound, movement and film in experiential installations, that play on our senses and compel us to imagine alternative solutions for a positive future." 


2021 September

La Maison Idéale

Especially for the Cross Comix Festival (September 2021 in Rotterdam) we have published a new series entitled 'La Maison Idéale'.
Originally designed by Joost Swarte in 2013 for the Brafa Art Fair as a series of four. One print of it (Living in books) has already been published by the NRC newspaper, and now we have made the three others available: Gravity, Introvert and Reading Rooms.

 Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 40 cm.
Edition of 75 copies. Price € 175


Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 40 cm.
Edition of 75 copies. Price € 175



Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 40 cm.
Edition of 75 copies. Price € 175


Reading Rooms

Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 40 cm.
Edition of 75 copies. Price € 175


2020 September

De Vierhoek

Since the successful involvement of Joost Swarte in the design of the Haarlem theater De Toneelschuur, he has been regularly asked to advise and contribute ideas to architectural projects. A recent example of this is the new construction project De Vierhoek in Haarlem: a housing plan, with a historical story and translated by HER architects and graphic designer and artist Joost Swarte into the present.

It also led to a new print. Part of the edition is intended for buyers of the new homes, but we also have copies for our own customers.

De Vierhoek (quadrangle)

Numbered and signed giclée, size 60 x 60 cm.
Edition of 100 copies. Price € 175


2020 March

Annie M.G. Schmidt

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the passing away of Annie MG Schmidt. This great Dutch poet and writer came to work in 1946 as Head of Documentation on the newspaper Het Parool. Joost Swarte drew a portrait of Annie with her creations Jip and Janneke assisting her. We have now released this portrait of Annie in silkscreen in modern colors.

Annie M.G. Schmidt

Silkscreen size 30 x 40 cm
in a numbered and signed edition of 99 copies.
Price € 75



 Cover for the latest album of brass band Gallowstreet 


Gallowstreet - Our Dear Metropolis

Giclée size 60 x 60 cm.
in a numbered and signed edition of 75 copies
Price € 175


 2020 January


Le Jardin du Musée

Joost Swarte made a visitor's guide for the Musée Hébert in Grenoble, containing various drawings of the famous gardens of this museum. We were given permission to use one of them for a print.


 Le Jardin du Musée

Giclée print in an edition of 75 copies,
numbered and signed,
size 50 x 70 cm. Price € 175


2019 December


Book Planet

In 2004 Joost Swarte made this design for an exhibition in Paris. Now, 15 years later, we discovered the drawing at his exhibition in Museum De Kunsthal. The result: a new print!

Book Planet

Giclée with size 60 x 60 cm,
numbered and signed in an edition of 124 copies.
Price € 175


 Tout doit disparaître


The giclée of the poster that Joost Swarte made for Philippe Decouflé (a choreographer at Compagnie DCA), for the show Tout doit disparaître at Théatre National de Chaillot in Parijs, is now available.
The print is executed in giclée in the size 40 x 60 cm, in a numbered and signed edition of 75 copies, and costs € 175.


2019 September

Power Trip

Joost Swarte's latest cover for The New Yorker is called "Power Trip" and we've produced prints of it as we did previously with his other covers, "Summer Adventures" and "Love Stories". As before, the size is 50 x 70 cm, and the giclées are numbered and signed in an edition of 124 copies. Price € 175 each.


2019 July

Erik Kriek

De Balling / The Exile

Four color silkscreen on 300 grams Conqueror Connoisseur paper. Size 50 x 70 cm.
Edition of 99 numbered and signed copies. € 50