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1. Joost Swarte: Self-portrait and Le Réveil

2. Haarlemse Stripdagen and exhibition The Great War

3. Affiche KunstStripBeurs by Henning Wagenbreth

4. International comic festival Angoulême 2014 - portfolio 

5. Winners StripGrafiekPrijs

And last quarterly already introduced :

6. The new stone lithograph by Nanne Meulendijks

7. Four international art prints - Joost Swarte

8. New print Chris Ware : Tin Toy Blueprint

9. Joost Swarte : Jopo de Pojo's first appearence


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1. New silkscreens Joost Swarte


Joost Swarte made this Self-portait, in which he takes a deep bow for the talent of Chaland, 
for an exhibition in Sollies-ville in France in honour of Yves Chaland.

Piëzografie/giclee, size A4 on luxury 300 grams Hahnemühle paper.
Edition of 75 copies, numbered and signed.
Price € 35
(Insured shipping costs for Europe € 11 and worldwide € 16.)

Le Réveil

For a long time we wanted to make a silkscreen of this image with the naughty cat.
At the directions of Joost Swarte, Rudi Jacoby at Louvain made
a beautiful jewel in silkscreen out of it.

Le Réveil / The Alarm
Silkscreen, size 40 x 50 cm. on luxury 300 grams Conqueror paper.
Edition of 124 copies, numbered and signed.
price Euro 100


2. Stripdagen Haarlem: May 30 - June 1
Theme: The Great War

the comic fair 'Haarlemse Stripdagen' will be held on Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st.
We will be there with a stand in the Philharmonie.

On the occasion of the Haarlem comic fair, there are always many exhibitions organised 
through the centre of this nice old city.

Exhibition War On Paper
Cartoons and photographs from 
the Great War

One can already visit the exhibition "War on Paper" 
in Noord-Hollands Archief, Jansweg 40 in Haarlem, 
for which we have taken cartoons out of our antiquarian collection to show pictures of The Great War and of the life of a soldier of the different parties in the war.






Joost Swarte

Exhibition of drawings for 
The New Yorker

Since 1995 Joost Swarte has made more than 
one hundred drawings for The New Yorker. 
His 2007 cover Summer Reading received
 the Award of Excellence, 
by the magazine Communication Arts 
as best cover of that year. 

You can see 50 of those drawings at LUKX,
Spekstraat 2, Haarlem. 
From May 28th - June 7th.



Quotation Marks
For LUKX Joost Swarte designed a pair of spectacles named Quotation Marks. 
Quotation marks are placed to the left 
and the right of the glasses; an invitation 
to see the world with irony.


The upcoming comic artists of Holland

This year there is also special attention for the upcoming stars : among them Jasper Rietman 
(see also GrafiekNL), Robert van Raffe, Ruben Steenman and Aimée de Jongh.

Jasper Rietman - winner StripGrafiekPrijs 2010

 For more information see: www.stripdagenhaarlem


3. Henning Wagenbreth


poster for the Holland animation 
film festival € 7



We recently met Henning Wagenbreth 
whose artwork we greatly admire. 
This meeting resulted in an agreement to publish 
a Dutch version of his 'graphic novel' Honky Zombie Tonk.

And we can now offer you some of his silkscreens and posters  (see Galery page 4).

Henning Wagenbreth also has an exhibition 
at the Haarlem comic fair:
 Galerie Contempory Matters, Donkere Spaarne 32.


4. International comic festival Angoulême 2014

Portfolio "La BÉDÉ est dans la rue" now in progress

The Dutch made their mark in the January 30 to February 2 'Festival international de la BD' in Angoulême, where the Dutch cartoonist Willem was president of the festival.


In honour of Willem, (great Dutch cartoonist, now living and working in France), there was a delegation of 20 Dutch comic artists present in Espace Franquin. 
Every day they made new silkscreened posters 
which were posted at several spots in Angoulême, 
resembling the street culture in the 60s - 70s, the roaring period of Willem's first years in Paris.

Among the artists are Joost Swarte and Nanne Meulendijks.

You can see an account of the event at www.labdestdanslarue.com 
On this website is a link to Facebook where all the posters which were made are shown.


A silkscreen portfolio of the best images is in preparation and 
can be obtained at our stand at the Haarlemse Stripdagen.

We don't have all the details yet, but we will put them on our Facebook page as soon as available.


5. Winners StripGrafiekPrijs 2014

During the Holland Animation Film Festival the fifth edition 
of the
KunstStripBeurs (Comic Art Fair) was held

The winners of our award for young talented comic artists and illustrators are
First prize : Eva Stalinski
Second prize : Philip Lindeman
Third prize : Charles Nogier

They received the awards including a print budget from the international jury : Joost Swarte, 
Henning Wagenbreth, Sophia Martineck and Johanna Schipper.


6. New stone lithograph project

A young Dutch comic artist / illustrator Nanne Meulendijks recently completed 
 a new stone lithograph for Griffioen Grafiek. For this occasion we worked together with the 
Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard (Nederlands Steendrukmuseum
and master printer Gertjan Forrer.



"Stoelendans " / Musical chairs
Size 50 x 65 cm.- 19.75 x 25.5" on luxury 270 grams cotton paper.
Edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed.
Price Euro 150.



7. New prints - Joost Swarte

Bruxelles vers l'abstraction
size 40 x 60 cm./ 15,75 x 23,7", giclee/piëzografie
numbered/signed, edition of 35 copies € 150


New York by train
size 50 x 65 cm./ 19,75 x 25,5", giclee
numbered/signed, edition of 75 copies. € 150


Paris en voiture
size 50 x 65 cm./ 19,75 x 25,5", giclee
numbered/signed, edition of 75 copies. € 150


Paris vers l'abstraction
size 40 x 60 cm./ 15,75 x 23,7", giclee/piëzografie
numbered/signed, edition of 35 copies € 150


8. New print Chris Ware 

Tin Toy Blueprint

3 colours silkscreen, signed and numbered.
Limited edition of 175 copies
Size 30 x 40 cm. - 11 3/4 x 15 3/4"
Introduction price € 50



First appearance of Jopo de Pojo 1973

40 years ago Joost Swarte was asked to contribute to an international comic project about the Sixties. He drew a two page story introducing Jopo the Pojo for the first time. In 2011 the book The Someday Funnies finally was published and this year the original pages were returned to Joost Swarte.
A good  occasion to make a silkscreen of this first appearance of Jopo de Pojo.

"Meanwhile Jopo de Pojo Sings His Song"
English text
Silkscreen, 50 x 60 cm. - 19 3/4 x 23 3/4"  
Num./ Signed Edition of 175 copies. Introduction price Euro 50


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