No.50 Autumn 2013

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Griffioen Grafiek wishes everyone a
'Grand Opening' of the New Year

and may there be lot of reasons to dance in 2014 !


1. The new stone lithograph by Nanne Meulendijks is ready

2. International comic festival Angoulême 2014

3. More new prints - Joost Swarte

And last quarterly already ïntroduced :

4. New print Chris Ware and the Building Story portfolio finally ready !

5. Three new prints Joost Swarte

6. Marcel Ruijters - more artwork 

7. Graphical art by price winner Doeke van Nuil


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1. New stone lithograph project

Recently a young Dutch comic artist / illustrator Nanne Meulendijks completed 
for Griffioen Grafiek a new stone lithograph. In this case we work together with the 
Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard (Nederlands Steendrukmuseum
and master printer Gertjan Forrer.



"Stoelendans " / Musical chairs
Size 50 x 65 cm.- 19.75 x 25.5" on luxery 270 grams cotton paper.
Edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed.
Introduction price only Euro 95.
(after februari 28th € 150).


2. International comic festival Angoulême 2014

From Januari 30 - Februari 2 the 'Festival international de la BD' will be held in Angoulême, 
with the Dutch cartonist Willem as president of the festival.


In honour of Willem there will be a delegation of 20 Dutch comic artists present in Espace Franquin. 
Every day they will make new silkscreened posters 
to be pasted at several spots in Angoulême. 
Like the street culture in the 60s - 70s, the roaring period of Willem's first years in Paris.

Among the artists are Joost Swarte and Nanne Meulendijks.

This year Griffioen Grafiek will not have a stand at the festival, but we will be there to enjoy the festivities.


3. More new prints - Joost Swarte

Bruxelles vers l'abstraction
size 40 x 60 cm./ 15,75 x 23,7", giclee/piëzografie
numbered/signed, edition of 35 copies € 150


New York by train
size 50 x 65 cm./ 19,75 x 25,5", giclee
numbered/signed, edition of 75 copies. € 150


Paris en voiture
size 50 x 65 cm./ 19,75 x 25,5", giclee
numbered/signed, edition of 75 copies. € 150


Paris vers l'abstraction
size 40 x 60 cm./ 15,75 x 23,7", giclee/piëzografie
numbered/signed, edition of 35 copies € 150


4. New print Chris Ware 

Tin Toy Blueprint

3 colours silkscreen, signed and numbered.
Limited edition of 175 copies
Size 30 x 40 cm. - 11 3/4 x 15 3/4"
Introduction price € 50


Now available Chris Ware's portfolio "Building Stories": 
4 prints telling the story of the inhabitants of a multi-story building somewhere in the USA.



Portfolio Building Stories : 4 prints in a luxery folder in an edition of 99 copies.
Giclee/ piëzografie on luxery Hanemühle paper.
All four prints numbered and signed, size 40 x 60 cm.- 15 3/4 x 23 3/4"
With as an extra the plans of the 4 floors on 4 transparant papers.
Introduction price € 495.






1 folder

4 prints

4 glassines

All 4 prints signed and numbered

Edition of 99 copies

Introduction price € 495



First appearance of Jopo de Pojo 1973

40 years ago Joost Swarte was asked to contribute to an international comic project about the Sixties. He drew a two page story introducing Jopo the Pojo for the first time. In 2011 the book The Someday Funnies finally was published and this year the original pages returned to Joost Swarte.
A good  occasion to make a silkscreen of this first appearance of Jopo de Pojo.

"Meanwhile Jopo de Pojo Sings His Song"
English text
Silkscreen, 50 x 60 cm. - 19 3/4 x 23 3/4"  
Num./ Signed Edition of 175 copies. Introduction price Euro 50


Streepbandpot Panorama

Around AD 1 the residents of the Frisian mounds made a new kind of pottery with distinctive stripes around the neck, so-called 'streepband' pottery. For the Frisian Museum Joost Swarte has created a mega cartoon strip recounting this story.

We are publishing a triptych of this story in a limited edition of 35 copies

Streepbandpot Panorama : 3 prints of 30 x 120 cm. - 11 3/4 x 47 1/4"
Piëzografie/giclee, numbered and signed, edition of 35 copies
Comes in a special wide tube, which will be decorated by Joost Swarte 
with a relevant original drawing.
Price € 350.


El Pianista

 piëzografie on luxery Hanemühle Museum paper,
50 x 50 cm. - 19 3/4 x 19 3/4", edition of 75 copies 
numbered and signed € 125

First in a new serie of music related Swarte prints !


6. Marcel Ruijters: more artwork

Marcel Ruijters is a Dutch comic artist who has allready published many interesting books 
with leading publishing houses like Oog & Blik in the Netherlands and Le Dernier Cri in France.
We are glad that he recently decided to also publish limited prints.

Let's Corrupt Some Nuns


Prints in giclee/piëzografie,
image size 30 x 40 cm.,
with passepartout 40 x 50 cm.

Numbered and signed, 
 published by the artist
in a very small edition of 10 

Price € 80 (each)



Monkey Trial




Luxuria 1

Stella Splendens


7. Doeke van Nuil
Winner StripGrafiekPrijs 2012

I see you + I see you too
Giclee/Piëzografie on 350 grams Hanemühle, 
size 30 x 40 cm./ 11.75 x 15.75"
Numbered and signed, edition of 35 copies. 
Price € 75 (set)


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