No.53 Summer 2015

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1. Stripgids Festival in Turnhout and new 'music' silkscreens:

- Blues - Mezzo

- Country music - Erik Kriek

2. New Joost Swarte prints

3. New Robert Crumb prints

And last quarterly already introduced :

4. International comic festival Angoulême 2014 - portfolio 


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1. Stripgids Festival Turnhout

This Belgian festival will this year be held in the weekend of 12 - 13 June.
Saturday we will be present at the fair and introduce three new silkscreens, all related to music.
Both artists (Mezzo and Erik Kriek) will be present at the festival.

See for more information : www.festival.stripgids.org 


Blues - Mezzo

Mezzo's book "Love in vain" (about the life of Robert Johnson) and his exhibition last January in Angoulême inspired us to make two new black and white silkscreens about the blues.
One of Robert Johnson and one of Peetie Wheatstraw.

Mezzo : Robert Johnson
ize 50 x 70 cm. / 19.5 x 27.5 "
Numbered / signed, edition of 150 copies. 
Introduction price € 50


Mezzo : Peetie Wheatstraw
Size 50 x 50 cm. / 19.5 x 19.5 "
Numbered / signed, edition of 150 copies. 
Introduction price € 50


Country music - Erik Kriek

Erik Kriek, a Dutch comic artist, is working on a new graphic novel "In the Pines" 
a collection of stories inspired by country songs (January 2016 Scratch books).
In the same style he made this image of Johnny Cash.

Erik Kriek : Johnny Cash
ize 50 x 70 cm. / 19.5 x 27.5 "
Numbered / signed, edition of 150 copies. 
Introduction price € 50

2. New prints Joost Swarte: 

Frank Lloyd Wright, the Women

Giclee, size 40 x 60 cm. / 15.75 x 23.75 "
Numbered / signed, edition of 35 copies. 
€ 150



Design for a stained glass window of a school in The Hague
Giclee, size 50 x 50 cm. / 19.5 x 19.5 "
Numbered / signed, edition of 35 copies. € 150


3. Robert Crumb prints

We postpone the new Robert Crumb prints to later this year.

As soon as we can give you more details, we will put them on our Facebook page and in this quarterly.


4. International comic festival Angoulême

Portfolio "La BÉDÉ est dans la rue" now ready !

The Dutch made their mark in the 2014 edition of the 'Festival international de la BD' in Angoulême, 
where the Dutch cartoonist Willem was president of the festival.

book with all 75 designs


In honour of Willem, (great Dutch cartoonist, now living and working in France), there was a delegation of 25 Dutch comic artists present in Espace Franquin. 
Every day they made new silkscreened posters 
which were posted at several spots in Angoulême, 
resembling the street culture in the 60s - 70s, the roaring period of Willem's first years in Paris.

Among the artists are Joost Swarte, Guido van Driel, Hanco Kolk, Henk Kuijpers, Peter van Dongen, Jeroen Funke, and Nanne Meulendijks.

A silkscreen portfolio of the 25 best images is now ready.
Price Euro 250.

Size of the silkscreens :
 30 x 40 cm. / 12 x 15,75 "
All signed and numbered.
Edition of 60 copies.

Extra: a book containing all 75 designs and a coverage of the event in Angoulême,
a 4 p. booklet of Libération
and the diary of Maaike Hartjes.

Peter Pontiac 


Joost Swarte 


Henk Kuijpers 


For more information and 
pictures of all 25 silkscreens click here 

And you can see an account of the event at www.labedeestdanslarue.com 


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